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Latest Company Case About Recyclable Collapsible Stillage Pallet
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Recyclable Collapsible Stillage Pallet

 Latest company case about Recyclable Collapsible Stillage Pallet

  SDHS was established in August 2011, It is a flagship logistics enterprise in Shandong. The logistics standard container system is a fourth-party logistics platform for trunk line transportation and urban distribution developed by Shandong Hi-Speed ​​Logistics Group by referring to the sea container model. According to the different goods, boxes are divided into two series and multiple specifications: insulated boxes and ordinary boxes. Delivery vehicles, transportation stations and other facilities also form a standardized system. Moreover, the standard box system sorts the customer's goods into independent units before loading, mechanically loading and unloading, transforming the goods into boxes. Relying on years of experience in the design and production of logistics equipment, Jiang Ze designed a turnover equipment suitable for its usage environment.